Permanent Makeup Correction

  Makeup is usually done twice – pigment that gives color does not plant in the tissue extremely fast. Color injection is gradual so it spreads under the skin proportionally. In order to get lush undertones and to consolidate pigment in the skin, the correction is needed to be done. This kind of permanent makeup is going to be more long-lasting.

   Correction is performed 4 to 12 weeks after the first procedure. On the first part of the procedure you should inject pigment, but not too much so eventually you could inject more pigment if needed.

   Correction is an opportunity to get natural colors for the final result, since pigment is injected with layers. Obtaining the best color, chance to avoid small imperfections, also the possibility of quality and shape correction is guaranteed when procedure is performed in two stages.

   Second part of the procedure – correction which is performed from 1 to 3 months after the first

   Permanent makeup Corrections can either be the “Color or Shape, or both.”

   Color mishaps are, unfortunately, not uncommon due to the preponderance of bad tattoo inks and poor application techniques. It is important to use pigment by manufacturers that have a proven track record.

   Permanent Makeup Color Correction: This technique is used when the shape of the eyebrow, eyeliner, or lip liner tattoo is good but the color is poor.  When assessing correctional work to be performed on the area, it is important to first remove the unwanted color, and then add the desired color. A corrective pigment color is implanted (tattooed) over the faded makeup to “neutralize” it toward a more natural shade. Usually the improvement is immediately noticeable.

   Remember, you cannot make a bucket of blue paint turn brown by pouring more brown into the bucket. You must lift the color of blue paint until it was light enough to reveal the true color of Golden Brown. You cannot be in a hurry to fix this problem, but they can be fixed.

   Shape mishaps happen when the technician lacks artistic ability or are in a hurry.

   It is so important that the client approves the final shape that should be drawn on the skin. This step is so important and never should be rushed.

   Permanent Makeup Shape Correction Sometimes the shape of permanent eyebrows or lip liner is not “terrible” yet it would look better with a few changes. In these cases, additional makeup tattooing might improve the shape, symmetry or balance of uneven permanent eyeliner or eyebrows. The tattooing necessary to correct the eyebrows or eyeliner may increase their thickness, If the extra tattooing will not look good, then some of the old pigment must be removed first before proceeding with micropigmentation.

   Please call for a free Permanent Makeup Correction consultation if you are needing to have corrective work done on your lips, eyebrows or eyes. Most of the time it is not that it is so difficult to correct, but just takes time and so it takes a couple of visits to get it right.