Permanent Makeup Care

   After the first stage of the permanent makeup, procedure areas will be very bright. When a pellicle will peel off, the other pellicle under the top one will remain and it will hide the real color. The color will lighten after 4-5 days leaving it 30-40% lighter. It might even seem like there is no permanent make up. In a period of 3-4 weeks, permanent makeup gets the color and lush you have wanted before. That is why correction (secondary pigment injection) is done not earlier than 3 weeks after and not later than 3 months after the first procedure. If everything is done correctly, eyebrows are well looked after, beautiful and match you perfectly, it will remain from 2 to 5 years.

   Do not rub procedure area! Try to avoid water. Do not peel a pellicle! Going to swimming pool, sauna, sunroom or tanning at the beach is not recommended for a week. Lips should be protected from the sunlight also you should keep up with your herpes prophylaxis. Do not rub your lips! It is good to avoid mascara for at least one week. Do not forget to apply lotion with sun protection. Use cotton buds and apply a thin layer of “Bepanten+” (dexpanthenolum/chlorhexidine dihydrochloride) until your procedure areas heal completely.

   When the procedure is complete, procedure area is going to swell a little. If the process is going well, procedure areas should heal in a week. If everything heals fine, you get the color you have planned after the first pellicle peels off. 2 weeks later the secondary pellicle will disappear and then you will finally see the result.  However, do not get upset if a big quantity of pigment was reabsorbed or in some areas pigment was fully reabsorbed or even peeled off. Depending on your pigmentation, you will have bigger quantity or other kind of product injected on the secondary implantation. Secondary implantation is basically a correction which is can be done 3 to 12 weeks past the first procedure.