Before Permanent Makeup Procedure

   Before procedure, for best permanent makeup results, please pay attention what to do and what to avoid:

  • Stop using makeup 3 days before procedure
  • Stop sunbathing a week before procedure
  • Do not consume alcohol, coffee, coca cola, caffeine, medications that thin blood, medications that dilate blood vessels, heavy meals or hot spices
  • Micropigmentation cannot be done on damaged skin area
  • Do not use creams or ointments with retinol A, glycol or any kind of acid two weeks before and two weeks after the procedure
  • Do not dye eyebrows or have your eyebrow hair removed one week before and a month after the procedure
  • Do not remove your facial hair with laser also do not have electrolysis procedures, chemical exfoliation and facial biorevitalisation. All cosmetic procedures, hyaluronic acid injections should be avoided for one month after permanent makeup procedure.
  • For eye contour micropigmentation you cannot wear eye contact lenses and you must have healthy eyes. Do not forget to take contact lenses case with you and eyeglasses. You can start wearing contact lenses once your procedure area is entirely healed.